Arranging a marriage in india by serena nanda

It can be in India. This greatly contrasts how most of us were brought up in America. Another girl was rejected because of her weight and that she wore glasses.

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Too much expression of her fondness for her own family, or her desire to visit them, may be interpreted as an inability to adjust to her new family, and may become a source of conflict.

Her reasoning was very understandable and could not be argued with. Yes, the nation and its kin will have their impact on who you are and what you think, yet a couple of things are more significant than simply beginning once again with the fundamentals and depending on yourself to manufacture an existence once more.

She enjoyed attending a marriage ceremony and being a matchmaker too.


They want them to be part of a well and a stable family. How she dresses, how she behaves, how she gets along with others, where she goes, how she spends her time, her domestic abilities—all of this and much more—will be observed and commented on by a whole new set of relations.

Some may even subscribe to online dating services to ake a choice for them such as E-Harmony. Groups that do so are more likely to attain their collective goals than the groups whose members are less committed.

You needed to advance, to change something, to place yourself in an uncomfortable new circumstance that would constrain you to into another period of your life.

It is their son or daughter who will be married thus, keeping them out of the picture in terms of romance. I think the most interesting thing she said in her interview was about getting to know the man.

A Sudanese anthropologist confronts female "circumcision" and its terrible tenacity by Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf Why male and female are not enough by Anne Fausto-Sterling Body Ritual among the Nacirema, Horace Miner, American Anthropologist, The rituals, beliefs, and taboos, of the Nacirema provide us with a test case of the objectivity of ethnographic description and show us the extremes to which human behavior can go.

This seems like a sure way to find a match with so many offers, However, one of the daughters is already married and lives with her husband in Bombay. There are the individuals who stay so long that they can never backpedal. With arranged marriage though, a bride or groom might also know nothing about their chosen partner, but they can be confident that their rranged partner is truly for them.

Even the Catholics coming to America in more recent times are different from those who came before. Published by Waveland Press. Gender and Status Return of the Missing Daughters, Monica Das Gupta, Scientific American, The traditions that have favored sons in Asia—resulting in millions of dead or neglected girls—have started to change.

Yet, most of those who no longer affiliate with a particular religious institution still subscribe to some form of spiritual belief in a continuing effort to seek the comfort that organized religion provides.

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In India, parents choose partner of their child. If such an affair did cause a western couple to break up, the man and women both must enter the dating scene once again to try and find another suitable partner.

Marriage is a social practice so people may feel different about any social phenomena that come from different society. As she used to think marriage like in American and European countries, she found very difficult in India. Not only does this claim fail to stand up to scrutiny, but it is all too often used to explain away such serious matters as male sexual abuse of women.


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Arranging a Marriage in India, Serena Nanda, Waveland Press, Arranging a marriage in India is far too serious a business for the young and inexperienced. Instead, the parents make the decision on the basis of the families’ social position, reputation, and ability to get along.

Arranging a Marriage in India. The minimum length requirement for the reading response is at least, 1 page in MS Word, double spaced; 12 pt Time New Roman. Try to write a concise and meaningful response of about this size. In her article “Arranging a Marriage in India,” anthropologist Serena Nanda found that young women were largely accepting of the idea of arranged marriage.

One young woman explained “My marriage is too important to be arranged by such an inexperienced person as myself.”. Flax-Golden Tales Arranging a Marriage In India Four Levels of Interactions Serena Nanda For: BA / BBS First Year (Business English) Literal Comprehension: In this essay, Serena Nanda discusses the marriage process practiced in India.

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In India arranged marriages are practiced than other types of marriages.

Arranging a marriage in india by serena nanda
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