Impact of globalization on women

Impact of Globalization on Women Essay

There are estimates that over 90 percent of workingwomen are involved in the informol sector The informal sector includes jobs such as domestic servant, small Impact of globalization on women, artisan field laborer on a family farm. Workers interviewed by Human Rights Watch reported that when they are pregnant punitive working conditions--heavier physical labour, jobs requiring long hours of standing, obligatory overtime--were used to pressurise them into resigning.

It is clear that the women are being exploited, but they may not raise their voices-not even Impact of globalization on women the sexual harassment they may face in the work place.

They are the people who own these factories. This raises a worrisome question: They are globalization of capital, globalization of markets, globalization of supply chain, and globalization of corporate mindset.

In news papers, daily we read stories about bride burning, dowry harassment and rap of teenaged girls. Wherever women are working they usually earn less than men, sometimes less than men who are doing exactly the same work. Women controlled the Impact of globalization on women of children they had in a number of ways--through abstinence, abortion and infanticide.

C Wichterich, The Globalized Woman: Impact of Globalization on Women Essay - Paper Example Impact of Globalization on Women Essay Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy - Impact of Globalization on Women Essay introduction.

They are globalization of capital, globalization of markets, globalization of supply chain, and globalization of corporate mindset. Choose Type of service. Additionally, Postcolonial feminist challenge Western portrayals of Third World women as poor, uneducated, victimized and lacking in agency.

Thirty years later, it's fair to ask: Globalisation has had adverse effects on women especially in the developing countries. This view is understandable, given the bureaucratisation of unions and wholesale embrace of reformism by trade union leaders in countries of the North.

With computers recording the fastest times of the best workers, the speed at which all workers are expected to operate is ever greater. That involves economics, politics and even law. However, globalisation has indeed promoted ideas and norms of equality for women that have brought about an awareness and acted as a catalyst in their struggle for equitable rights and opportunities.

But as one of her colleagues points out: Jobs become available for women, but only as unorganizedlaborers with no right to form unions or fight for their basic rights: The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power. On the other hand it may exacerbate gender inequality in a patriarchal society, especially in the developing world.

There were virtually no women doctors, lawyers, judges, bus drivers, mechanics or engineers. Though it is a broad generalization, North India tends to be more patriarchal and feudal than South India. The huge cost of childcare coming out of the household budget means they have more difficulties making ends meet.

The most striking thing about women all over the world is the high degree of discrimination meted against them. The International Labour Organisation says there are at least EPZs in the world, but that number is likely much closer to 1, spread through 70 countries and employing roughly 27 million workers Furthermore, western feminists have been criticized for treating women as a homogeneous category which does not acknowledge their differences depending on their culture, social class, race and geographical location.

Meanwhile, Marxist feminism makes a causal connection between capitalism and the subordination of women. When Leslie Kretzu of NikeWatch spoke to factory workers about menstrual leave she discovered that tens of thousands of women go to work knowing they are going to bleed through their clothes for the first two days of their period every month.

More importantly, however, cultural practices vary from region to region. Positive developments are that globalization has enhanced employment opportunity for the women, employment opportunities has helped ease the burden of poverty, the creation of new associations of women and strengthening of their networks to offer mutual support and resources.

New research shows very mixed results. I would sneak out during the day to feed my child The Women's reservation policy bill is slated to further strengthen political participation.

Economic globalization

The sexual division of labour for the first time had a significance in terms of social status. It seemed that was all I ever did. She knows that her children often stray into the streets with their friends, and that worries her.

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of globalization’s ability to greatly benefit women in the internationalization of the movement for gender equality, and the legal structure that supports this goal and recognizes women’s rights as. “There are many examples of personal sports brands on a global scale, e.g.

US basketball star Michael Jordan, who ‘made clear how closely athletic success is associated with the sales of sports products, especially the brand of Nike. Impact of Globalization on Women Essay. Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy - Impact of Globalization on Women Essay introduction.

It is an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and execution.

Dec 16,  · Ironically, where globalization may have had the largest gender impact is at home -- literally. As women got more jobs and bigger incomes, the power-balance within the household shifted.

Food systems are being transformed at an unprecedented rate as a result of global economic and social change. Urbanization, foreign direct investment in markets of developing countries and increasing incomes are prime facilitators for the observed changes, while social changes, such as the increased number of women in the workforce and rural to urban migration, provide added stimulus.

Impact of globalization on women
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