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Well worth a visit for some quite high quality fictional pieces and more. Open to women playwrights in nine states of the Southeast: SFWA does not endorse paid writer services.

Call for scripts August 1 - October 1, As I said at the outset, many thanks for that. For anyone who has been a fan of Prairy Home Companion and the excellent writing demonstrated there, this is a place to peruse. If your interest is archeology there are also resources online that should prove helpful.

It also was a New York Times top-ten best seller. A bad review is one that is pointless.

Want to Join a Writing Group? 8 Places to Look

Featuring the works of established, emerging, and new writers, this landmark anthology will be published in hardcover by Warner Aspect, Spring online writers groups fantasy The DarkEcho Newsletter is emailed weekly with market updates and other information about the horror genre.

In it had 12 instructors and about 40 students. Before the invention of photocopiers and electronic text storage, a writer's work had to be stored on paper, which meant it was very susceptible to fire in particular. Shaun Tanfor example, is a writer who uses imagery extensively, sometimes combining fact, fiction and illustration, sometimes for a didactic purpose, sometimes on commission.

She represents authors of literary and commercial fiction, young adult and middle grade fiction, and select nonfiction. The author of the site is accepting scripts from his site for a production due out.

Writers in the Community pairs small groups of young people with a professional writer or literary performance artist who can teach them and, more important, motivate them, to use language to express themselves in productive ways. Speculations is a subscription magazine that concentrates on writing and writer markets in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Smithsonian Magazine prefers advance to word proposals, but is another interesting potential market. A total ofstories have been submitted to Critique Circle. The free publication relies on fellow artists of all genres to contribute their works solicited or unsolicited' rememory.

One that says nothing about the book. Critique Circle is open to all genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, romance, children's novels, horror and suspense.

Worth a look and many clicks.

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Submissions with an SASE may be mailed to: Check their web site for details on submissions. Salon Magazine is "an interactive magazine of books, arts and ideas".

The current membership consists of sf and dark fantasy writers. Check out their web site for details about submissions. The English Server or eserver. Our debut author Bobby Dennis jr. We also have a Writing Academy filled with free, objective, and informative writing articles by industry professionals on topics from fundamentals like show vs.


For me the private act of poetry writing is songwriting, confessional, diary-keeping, speculation, problem-solving, storytelling, therapy, anger management, craftsmanship, relaxation, concentration and spiritual adventure all in one inexpensive package.

Poetry Daily - a new poem every day is an interesting spot to visit in pursuit of this wonderful art form that seems to have encountered something of resurgence in recent years. Historic Traveler is interested in stories that relate strongly with history and travel. Learn to write better and take your career to the next level with this list of the best free online creative writing classes taught by award-winning authors.

Writers' Resources. Whether you’re a beginning writer seeking basic self-education or a mid-career professional in need of specific information, this page contains a variety of resources that may be useful to you, in both the traditional and indie publishing worlds.

And the Winners Are What a night! Thank you all so much for a fantastic celebration of 20 years of the Quebec Writers' Federation. We enjoyed ourselves immensely at Le Lion d'Or on Tuesday night, and we hope that you did too.

The list of winners for the QWF Literary Awards, the QWF Literary Prize for Young Writers, the 3Macs/carte blanche prize, the Judy Mappin Community. This is a full purpose writers site with resources on markets, agents, writers groups, writer conferences and forums for discussing the writing life and workshops where writers can have their works critiqued.

Wordflair Writers' Community. 11 Top Writing Communities You Should Join and Why. The life of a writer is pretty solitary, both by design and necessity. While you may find yourself [ ].

This is a condensed version of the introduction to “Dismantle: An Anthology of Writing from the VONA/Voices Writing Workshop,” which will be published this week.

Online writers groups fantasy
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